Hi! The photo is me looking pretty serious. While I  take many things seriously – justice, honesty, kindness, my family; I also love to laugh, play, eat, dance, and create cool jewelry.

My favorite thing is playing with fire and seeing how different metals react and morph into something unique. I also have a thing for gemstones of all kinds (though I favor rough cut stones, those as close to their natural state as possible) and tend to “over collect” them. I strive to highlight and respect the simplicity and integrity of these materials.

Inspired by the natural beauty of imperfection, color and shapes, I often feel that less is more when designing.  These relaxed sensibilities translate to organic, casually elegant wearable jewelry that tend to have a timelessness in their style, not riding the wave of current trends.

Entirely self taught, I continue to learn everything I know through trial and lots of error. My ever-evolving designs are unique and mostly one-of-a-kind. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. Your support is so very much appreciated.

*Above photography by David Moog / Courtesy Burchfield Penny.