Geode, Herkimer Diamond Earrings

These petite geodes are amazing – deep reddish orange with a black border and sparkly crystals at its core. To compliment the sparkles, I added perfectly clear Herkimer…


Bronze Swirl Necklace with Chalcedony and Ruby

A large sea foam blue teardrop of chalcedony hangs from a hammered bronze swirl. It is attached to a dappled sterling silver chain with two faceted rubies. Handmade…


Blue Calcite Earrings

Like clear blue droplets from ocean waters, these calcite drop earrings make a statement without screaming. Hand formed sterling silver ear wires. 2″ long


Ruby Zoisite and Vintage Silver Pendant Necklace

Renew, reuse, recycle – I took the sterling silver frame from a vintage mirror and created a unique bail from which I hang various gemstones. This one features…


Rough Cut Chrome Diopside Drop Earrings

Beautiful natural green chrome diopside gemstones drop from hand formed sterling silver ear wires. These are perfect for those who want a pop of color and not a…


Turquoise and Organic Silver Circles Earrings

Natural blue turquoise gemstones stacked together above hand forged sterling silver intertwined organic silver circles. Lever back ear wires for extra security. 1.75″


Long Perfectly Imperfect Circles Necklace

Like the rings of a tree, this organic handmade sterling silver circles’ necklace unique. I crafted each ring individually then attached them to a long silver chain with…


Long Silver Earrings with Moonstone and Tourmaline

Long and elegant, these earrings feature grey moonstones and petite faceted pink tourmaline gemstones on hammered silver bars. Handmade sterling silver ear wires. 3″ long


Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Love is in the air with this simple yet slightly edgy heart necklace. Sterling silver bead wire is formed and hammered into a heart, then secured with a…


Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings

Gorgeous natural watermelon tourmaline nuggets in soft green and pink hues hang from handmade sterling silver wire beads. I gave them a slight patina to bring out the…